In the Netherlands street performers, aka buskers, are not as present in the streetscape as in other countries. It is the Dutch legislation that prevents performers from simply starting a performance on the street. This concept is developed in order for city councils to accept buskers in their streets. The resulting concept was a submission to a design competition for the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

busking zone 2a busking zone 2b

By providing artist with a space to perform, the city gains control over the locations where they perform. When also providing the most used piece of equipment, the speaker, the city also gains control over volume and working hours. By providing the government control in this manner it should lower their fears of buskers. This might be the push they need to allow performers on the street without a need for a permit. It are these permits that create a threshold for the creatives and it is this threshold that should be significantly lowered. Above all this idea is focussed on the street performer. They are provided with access to electricity and a speaker. This way they do not have to carry around too much equipment and the threshold to perform becomes lower. Hopefully this would make existing performers happy as well as encourage new performers to try out their set on the streets.

busking zone 1a busking zone 2b

'Something' on the street would need to indicate a 'busking zone'. This would simply be a circle of different material than the surrounding pavement, in this case wood. While some busking zones would be as simple as this, others would include power outlets and speakers. These speakers will be protected underground when not in use, but a busker will be able to access these speakers for their performance.

operation of busking zone in steps

In order to access this speaker the busker would need to download an app. With this app the busker will be able to gain access to the speaker, control volume and effects and advertise their performance. Audience would be able to download this app as well. They would be able to see which artist would perform, at which busking zone, at what time and possibly sent their praise for their performance.

busking zone app