This project was a collaboration between the company ‘Wacom’ and a usability and experience course at the 'Delft University of Technology'. The assignment was to develop an app for the, at that time, upcoming market of tablets. Our team decided to focus on making the drawing experience sharable.

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Initial tests made clear quick sketches could be a great tool to make more complicated conversations clearer. Besides facilitating communication it increased playfulness. Whatever the task at hand, it seemed to put a smile on the subjects faces.

Wacom Share usertest 1 Wacom Share usertest 2

Throughout this project we worked towards a clean and simple product. Both increasing functionality and simplifying at the same time. The end concept was a simple app, but usable as a professional communication tool, to share your individual drawings, chat with friends, playing games and everything inbetween. Basically it would allow anything a physical piece of paper would allow. Users would figuratively and literally be ‘on the same page’.

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