People should be confronted with playfulness more frequently. Public space is the perfect place to do this. However not everybody will be free just anytime to engage in play. This concept explores the line between being playful and serious.

The Maze at night Topview of the Maze

At first sight this maze is a plaza with a modern feel. However this plaza hides a less serious side below the surface. It has a double function as a maze. The public can access this maze and experience a world below the feet of the busy commuters. While trying to find the exit they are treated with a display of foggy silhouettes, a play a light and shadows through the hazy glass materials. This creates an artistic experience which would change throughout the day as well as the seasons. Different light conditions and weather change both the visual and auditive conditions within the maze.

The Maze during the day Example of cloudy silhouetes

While the interior of the maze is influenced by the outside lights, the maze itself will light up as well, providing the public above the ground with something equally attractive, although in a less overwhelming manner. The hazy glass materials would cast distorted silhouettes of the people inside, which would leave the lights above ground dancing. Providing those who do not have the time at the moment to catch a small glimpse of the activity below.

The inside of the Maze

While a very playful plaza in essense, above the ground this plaza is calm. There are no obstructions on the plaza itself and most of the activity takes place out of sight. This makes this concept perfect those spaces in public space where 'something' is needed without obstructing the commuter flow.