'Negative Space' will be the first entry of my table top game label: Able Top Games. A game based on spatial awareness. Playable with 2-6 players, or even practise alone if you want to push your score to new heights. It is a game were every player plays at the same time, with the same tiles and thus the same chances. Still players are never doing the same. A simple game with a high degree of strategy. But also some space to screw eachother over. What is a game without some way to annoy the other players and pave your own way to the top.

Negative Space 1 Negative Space 2 Negative Space 3 Negative Space 4

Besides a cardboard version I decided to create a luxury version made in wood. Box, tiles and dice are all lasercut from the same board. In the future I still intend to make a more luxurious version in wood. However this version will also feature a relief board and intended tiles. With those modifications the game will also be playable by the visially impaired.

Negative Space Wood 1 Negative Space Wood 2 Negative Space Wood 3 Negative Space Wood 4