As a playful adult I am always bothered by educational toys which try to disguise their intent by a playful design. These products are not aimed at the children itself, but at their parents. This product does not disguise education, but instead inspires creativity and insight in the child.

Perspective play 1 Perspective play 2

The images above illustrate the use of the perspective pole. Children would be able to trace each other, trace something in their surroundings or draw things onto the surroundings. They might even think of a few games a transparent drawing surface would allow. While this does not sound educational, it does allow for children to discover perspective. When tracing something and slightly rotating the window, the drawing will no longer align or have the same proportion compared to the 2D equivalent. A prolonged time of drawing on this window might inspire a newfound understanding of perspective, which could potentially kick-start a more mature way of thinking. All without forcing a lesson upon them. ‘Play’ is still the main purpose of this product.