On the left a teaser for the ALBEDO show at TAC Eindhoven, the Netherlands. A DJ/VJ collective consisting of Poulet, Que and Jet. I created the visual content for this show. On the right another visual tryout. Content is manipulated on the spot to give the whole an organic feeling.

Maybe the following project could also belong under videomapping. Compositing visuals in the background while projecting visuals on a perfectly choreographed performer would add a whole new dimension to a performance. I still need to find the right performers for this project, so for now I can only show a few animated samples.

Created with MAX-MSP, this program generates visuals to music automatically. Build-up of shapes are defined by different volume-peaks and having these alternate quickly creates different visualisations. When the music is fast enough this program works best. Frames follow up eachother faster than the eye can see. This makes shapes blend creating an eppileptic sequence of shapes. The patch reponds to music automatically, but a user also has some influence by switching between effects.